This article on how to add your site to search engines was originally published in 2007. Since then to date, the methods of adding websites to search engines have changed dramatically.
Twelve years ago, a common way to add a URL to a search engine was by using directories such as DMOZ, the index of which was then used by Google and other search engines. There were countless directories that also had their own search engine.

Add your site to directories and indexes

That is why there were sites that specialized in indexing your site to many directories and charged to do so.
At that time this post was written and it specifically referred to one of these indexing sites: Cabinas.Net, a website that, by the way, still exists.

Add a URL automatically

But at present I do not know if this indexing method is effective, since the world of search engines seems to have been reduced to a dozen, but with the absolute domain of Google.
So for a few years it is enough to be indexed in Google, Bing and some other search engine such as Yandex to cover almost the entire global search range.
To do this, it is not necessary to use indexes or aggregators, simply use the specialized tools of these three great search engines.

How to add your site to Google

To add your site to the king of search engines you must use the Search Console of its specialized tool for Webmasters. For this you must have a Google account.
Until a while ago Google also had a tool to ping and notify about new content, but today the process is automatic through the use of feeds. Feeds can be added in the same Search Console.

How to add your site to Bing

Although it is a much less used, Bing is the second in question in the world of searches. Like Google, it has developed its own indexing project aimed at developers and webmasters. It's called Webmasters Tool's. Unlike Google, Bing Webmasters Tools has a paid version.
Not only can sites be added to the site, RSS feeds from our site can also be added to instantly inform about new posts.

How to add your site to Yandex

The Russian search engine Yandex uses a system similar to those of Google Search Console and Bing. It's called Yandex Webmasters and to enter you can create an account in the search engine or use Google, Facebook or Twitter users.

How to add your site to Baidu

Another good option would be to add your URL to Baidu, the main Chinese search engine, but to do this you will need to know Mandarin Chinese or manage with a translator. Its specialized site is called Ziyuan and it works like an academy.
If you use Google Chrome, you can use the page translator to understand something about what it is about.

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