If you go through the catalog of the American publisher Dover, specialist in the publication of out-of-print editions and strange books, you will be able to see the reissue of some unique texts on witches, vampires and werewolves.
These highly documented studies on monsters are the authorship of a strange character who could also be classified as a wolf in sheep's clothing: Montague Summers.
Born in England, he came to take vows to become an Anglican pastor, but was accused of pedophilia, for which he resigned and converted to Catholicism.
While he could be mistaken for a Catholic priest, the Church never recognized him as such. It turns out that Summers was ordained a priest in 1909 by Bishop Ulric Vernon Herford, who more than 40 years earlier had been removed from the Church for not following Roman doctrine.
So Summers dressed as a priest and called himself a reverend, but it seems he wasn't. Meanwhile, she dedicated most of her life to studying and writing about witches and the occult.
It is said that he had dealings with Aleistar Crowley (also nicknamed The Great Beast) and that there was mutual admiration between them.
Montague, of dubious sexuality, is accused of having participated in diabolical rites, and one of the reasons for his fame is precisely because he was the author of the first English translation of Malleus Maleficarum, the misogynistic manual on witchcraft that became Inquisitors' bedside book on a 300-year witch hunt that resulted in tens of thousands of deaths in the Middle Ages, especially of women.
Although in some circles there are still those who admire Summers' "enormous scholarship", it should be noted that his books do nothing more than reinforce the belief in superstitions that for centuries have given rise to more ignorance and pain than to some good or better idea.
This article was originally published in Spanish on Juan Jose Flores Weblog. It has been translated into English using Google Translate. Our apologies for any errors that may exist in the machine translation.

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